Clinic Hours with Rachel - Nail Tech Apprentice

Rachel, our Nail Tech Apprentice has been working hard and is finally able to take clients through clinic training hours. At this time she is taking clients on Tuesdays from 9:00am - 4:00pm. Services will be discounted with the understanding that she has not completed her apprenticeship, therefore, she is a student and this is a learning experience. You can call and book an appointment for the following services (not available to book online):

Clinic Mini Manicure  -  $10     30-45 min.    *Regular Polish Only

Clinic Manicure  -  $15     1 hour    *Regular Polish Only

Clinic Mini Pedicure  -  $15     30-45 min. 

Clinic Pedicure  -  $30      60-75 min.

We will be adding more services as she gets closer to completing her apprenticeship in May!

Monet Macomber