Spa 101 - Digital Detox

Social media - we glimpse into the daily life of our family, friends, and strangers. We share our special moments and hope to inspire others to go outside, explore your city, find a new restaurant, shop for a new outfit, seek out new food at the grocery store. We also like to tease our friends with images of sandy beaches with crystal blue water and spa selfies when we know our day will be better than theirs.

Social media has positively promoted our business. We love seeing a clients view of our Spa and their experience at Nine Stones. With that said, we have noticed an overwhelming use of phones throughout the Spa, locker rooms and waiting area. Your time at the Spa is precious. Taking a step back from daily life to de-stress and focus on yourself, or to spend time with a friend or significant other. Being aware and recognizing the environment you are in is important to you and to us. This is the time for a Digital Detox. A time to refrain from using electronics (cell phone, laptop, iPad, etc.) and regard the opportunity to focus more on true social interaction and connection with nature and the physical world.

We want you to be fully present for your experience at Nine Stones and respect other clients during their experience. In order to safeguard the privacy of our clients and the decorum of the Spa, we ask that you refrain from taking pictures in the locker room while other clients are present. We know it can be hard to resist a sauna selfie, but please be aware of who is behind you and next to you. We also ask that you refrain from making phone calls (especially FaceTime!) in all areas of the spa. Others can not only hear your conversation, but will likely be a part of your conversation and background.

We encourage you to catch a selfie in front of our sign at the front door. And our staff is more than willing to take a photo of your party in the back lounge or while you and your friends are receiving pedicures. We encourage your check-ins and posts, but we would also like you to indulge yourself and focus on within.


Nine Stones Spa