Classic Massage

30 MINUTES $6560 minutes $110 • 90 minutes $145

Our Classic Massage blends a variety of massage techniques in a way that is customized just for you. Some modalities that may be incorporated by our skilled therapists are Swedish, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Thai, Shiatsu, energy work, proprioception and reflexology.


Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes $13090 minutes $175

Our 60 and 90 minute Hot Stone is a sumptuous treatment combining energy work and heated basalt stones with warm oil massage to melt away muscle tension. Contraindications include pregnancy, high blood pressure, lymphedema and any history of cancer.


Aromatic Hot Towel Massage

60 minutes $12090 minutes $155

A customized hydrotherapy, inhalation and massage treatment using Naturopathica's Aromatic Alchemy Blends. To create your individual experience you will chose one of four Alchemy Blends: Meditation, Re-Boot, Chill or Inspire. Hot towel compresses are used throughout your massage to leave you relaxed and refreshed.


Arnica Muscle Relief

60 minutes $12090 minutes $155

Created for more intense chronic issues, the Arnica Muscle Relief massage focuses on relaxing sore muscles and stiff joints with a combination of Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and Russian Massage techniques. This massage is enhanced by the use of such natural remedies from Naturopathica as Arnica, Sweet Birch and Magnesium for muscle and joint pain. The 60 minute will work wonders for you, and the 90 minute includes a Sweet Birch Magnesium foot soak and a warming and cooling back treatment.


Ginger Root Revitalizing Massage

90 minutes $155

Unwind and combat physical, mental and emotional fatigue with our Ginger Root Revitalizing Massage. This warming ritual starts with a Sweet Birch Magnesium foot soak. Once on the massage table, begin with an inhalation of Blue Eucalyptus to re-energize the mind and enhance immune function. Next a dry exfoliation using raw silk gloves or a brush refreshes and stimulates the skin's lymphatic system improving circulation. This invigorating massage using Ginger Root oil eases muscle stiffness and uplifts one’s mood while the use of acupressure techniques and abdominal massage aid in balancing adrenal and digestive function. You will receive the brush used during your service along with instructions on how to dry brush at home.

Prenatal Massage

30 MINUTES $65 • 60 minutes $110

Once you have entered your second trimester, a prenatal massage is an amazing way to relieve lower back pain, ease tension and stress, and release endorphins that are good for you and the baby. Our relaxing Prenatal Massage uses body pillows and a lighter touch to help reduce pregnancy discomfort and enhance your physiological and emotional well-being. Please let us know how far along you are!


Prenatal Bliss

90 minutes $155

Now you can treat the Mother-to-be to a luxurious 90 minutes all her own. This treatment begins with a Sweet Birch Magnesium foot soak for Mom’s tired feet. A massage with our Lavender Blossom oil follows, helping to reduce stress, edema and joint and muscle tenderness to improve sleep and general comfort. This relaxing treatment goes a step further by including a mini-facial to treat hormone reactive skin and application of our Gotu Kola Healing Balm to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.




Available to clients 18 and over

The benefits of massage are legendary. It relieves the stress and pains brought on by your hectic life, improves your circulation and range-of-motion, strengthens your immune system and contributes to your overall sense of well-being. Please ask your therapist when you should book your next massage in order to maintain the benefits of your treatment. 

Nine Stones Spa is excited to introduce an enhanced sensorial experience, rich with aromatic oils, inhalations and botanical remedies. These services incorporate several of Naturopathica’s finest hand-crafted products which support more long-term therapeutic effects and are also available for your personal preventative self-care regimen.

Add-On Treatments:

Visit our Add-Ons page to see a list of treatments that can be added to your massage or facial.